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1 holiday cottage in Mutxamel - Alicante


Finca El Romero Mutxamel - Alicante
Sleeps: 6-12  |  Internet  |  Pet friendly  |  Swimming pool  |  Sea: 6 miles  |  Alicante: 5 miles  
Holiday cottage at Mutxamel: Finca El Romero

Country estate with 2 cottages for 6 and 8 guests (max.), restored in wood and stone, and apart from each other. An additional study for 2/3. Can enjoy swimming, tennis, Wi-Fi, BBQ, Moorish oven, garden with birds. Air conditioning.

1 47

Precio final: Casa fin de semana 6-8 p: TB 350 € - 400 € | TA 500 €

Holiday cottage at Mutxamel

7 holiday cottages near of Mutxamel - Alicante

El Molino del Gallo Monnegre de Arriba - Alicante
Sleeps: 4-12  |  BBQ  |  Pet friendly  |  Swimming pool  |  Sea: 7 miles  |  Alicante: 14 miles  
Holiday cottage near of Mutxamel: El Molino del Gallo

420 yard² 16th century mill set on a private country estate next to the river, nestled between the mountains near the sea. Its quiet location and age of the building allow us to move to another time, when people awoke at the clock was the crack of dawn.


Precio final: Precios adaptados para cada grupo.

Holiday cottage at Monnegre de Arriba  to 6 miles (straight line*) in North of Mutxamel

La Torreta de Aitana Alcoleja - Alicante
Sleeps: 2-18  |  Disabled access  |  Pet friendly  |  Swimming pool  |  Sea: 19 miles  |  Alicante: 31 miles  
Holiday cottage near of Mutxamel: La Torreta de Aitana

Conjunto cerrado de principio del s. XVIII en finca de 48 ha de monte y bancales, con 3 casas independientes, dos de ellas dedicadas al turismo. Tienen 4 habitaciones unas con baño y otras no, salón, comedor, chimeneas y cocina.

2 44

Precio final: Fin de semana: 37 € - 40 € persona y día (6-18 plazas)

Holiday cottage at Alcoleja  to 17 miles (straight line*) in Northeast of Mutxamel

Riola San Gabriel Alcoleja - Alicante
Sleeps: 2-28  |  Garden  |  Internet  |  Swimming pool  |  Sea: 25 miles  |  Alicante: 28 miles  
Holiday cottage near of Mutxamel: Riola San Gabriel

18th-century house recently restored and decorated using antique furniture. It has 11 rooms (2 of them are suites with 2 bedrooms and lounges). The pool is surrounded by gardens, terraces with fruit trees, and 25-m2 swimming pool.


Precio final: H. doble + desayuno: 150 € | Suite 2 hab.: 250 €

Holiday cottage at Alcoleja  to 18 miles (straight line*) in Northeast of Mutxamel

Casas Rurales Monte Replana Novelda - Alicante
Sleeps: 1-40  |  Fireplace  |  Heating  |  Internet  |  Sea: 12 miles  |  Alicante: 13 miles  
Holiday cottage near of Mutxamel: Casas Rurales Monte Replana

4acre country estate near the mountains with 2 cottages and all amenities: Ramona Cottage - 12 guests (max.). Pilar Cottage - 6-8 guests (max.). You will find a wide range of facilities for a pleasant stay: BBQ, gardens, sports grounds, swimming pool, and playground.


Precio final: Fin de semana TB: Casa 8 p. 256 € | Casa 12 p. 384 €

Holiday cottage at Novelda  to 20 miles (straight line*) in Southwest of Mutxamel

Casa rural Masía Los Pasos Biar - Alicante
Sleeps: 6-12  |  BBQ  |  Near the beach  |  Swimming pool  |  Sea: 30 miles  |  Alicante: 28 miles  
Holiday cottage near of Mutxamel: Casa rural Masía Los Pasos

19th century farmhouse restored with period materials. 2 floors, heating, 70 m2 lounge, kitchen, 5 beds., 3 bathrooms and garden with pool and BBQ. Accredited with Asetur 5 Spikes, the highest tourism category.


Precio final: Casa completa: 200 € - 315 €

Holiday cottage at Biar  to 23 miles (straight line*) in Northwest of Mutxamel

La Cura Balones - Alicante
Sleeps: 12  |  BBQ  |  Hydromassage  |  Pet friendly  |  Sea: 31 miles  |  Alicante: 47 miles  
Holiday cottage near of Mutxamel: La Cura

Typical 3-storey cottage house where all the original elements have been retained. It has 3 double bedrooms, and 2 king-size, 3 bathrooms (1 with jacuzzi), dining room, drawing room with an open fire, living room, patio with BBQ, cellar.


Precio final: Casa fin de semana: 500 €

Holiday cottage at Balones  to 23 miles (straight line*) in Northeast of Mutxamel

La Alquería del Pilar Banyeres de Mariola - Alicante
Sleeps: 2-26  |  BBQ  |  Near a river  |  Swimming pool  |  Sea: 37 miles  |  Alicante: 37 miles  
Country A. Tourist Housing near of Mutxamel: La Alquería del Pilar

Certified to 4 Spikes by ASETUR, la Alquería del Pilar is a former Mauresque house consisting of 3 apartments for 4, 6 and 8 people. Restaurant, parking area, garden, barbecue, orchard, patio, swimming pool, and common room.

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1 48

Precio final: Apartamento fin de semana desde 165 €

Country A. Tourist Housing at Banyeres de Mariola  to 24 miles (straight line*) in Northwest of Mutxamel

* Tentative distance in a straight line. It may not correspond to road miles.