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El Pajar ****

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Published since 16 February 2003

  • El Pajar ****
  • El Pajar ****
  • El Pajar ****
  • El Pajar ****
  • El Pajar ****
  • El Pajar ****
  • El Pajar ****
  • El Pajar ****

  • Holiday cottage Full to let
  • Sleeps: 2-4
  • Registration No.: UCR:5976
  • Web of El Pajar ****: http://www.elpajar.com

  El Pajar **** is NOT pet friendly  

Welcome to the Rural House El Pajar in Orísoain in the heart of Valdorba Region, a place full of contrasts, where you will experience the nature through its tracks going up the oak and ilex woods as well as enjoy the rural Romanesque buildings, such as churches, chapels, civil buildings and medieval bridges.

It is a quiet spot, ideal for a restful break of its guests, where they will find comfort and closeness to nature..

The Rural House "El Pajar" was given the highest category "Tres hojas" by the Navarra Tourism Department and in September 2003 the "Q Calidad Turística", a quality certification.

On the upper floor there are two outstanding double rooms with wooden floor and delicate details (cast iron radiators, exquisite curtains) that make the rooms warm.

Every room has a very-well equipped bathroom, and you will find everything what you will need. One of them has a shower for massage. In the ground floor there is a toilet.

The kitchen is decorated with rustic furniture and offers the needed household commodities to make your stay comfortable and pleasant: washing machine, dishwasher and microwave.

It is a warm and bright room to take meals and read a book in its quiet corners. You will find a fireplace, TV, DVD player and one HI-FI set.

From the ground floor you will get to the courtyard, the veranda with chairs and tables and green zones, with barbecue.

Central heating, air-conditioning, bikes. Some local products are here sold.
If you wish, ask for a cot or an extra-TV for one of the rooms.

Some details that offer the guests the optimal comfort and match perfectly with the old pitchers and robos (units for measure) converted into flowerpots.

Description Summary:
Heating Hairdryer Near a river
Patio DVD player Stereo
Built-up area Cot TV
Parking space Fireplace BBQ
Garden furniture Garden Swimming pool
Internet Whirlpool shower Air conditioning
Animal farm    

Environment & Activities El Pajar ****


The Region of Valdorba, also called Valle de Orba, comprises some small villages that preserve their artistic heritage of rural Churches and Palaces that are reminiscent of its importance as one of the routes of the Road to Santiago in the past. The most important Romanesque buildings and works of art in Navarra are in this valley.

• The Catalán Chapel, San Martín Church with its valued crypt, Santa María de Eristain or San Pelayo Chapel, with beautiful views to the valley, are important visits not to forget. Among the civil buildings, you will find the Hórreo (elevated wood structure for storing grain) de Iracheta and some palaces for storing guns, stone crosses, medieval bridges and houses decorated with shields that are located all over the region.

• This is a place far from the noises and pollution, but near to any of the interesting sightseeings of Navarra. From Pyrenees to the banks of the Ebro, from the green valleys of the North to the magnificent landscape of Bardenas and within a stone's throw of Pamplona, you will visit Olite, and its Royal Castle-Palace, Ujué, the walls and towers of Artajona, the wonders of the Road to Santiago from Sangüesa to Obanos, Roncesvalles and the monasteries of Leire, Fitero, La Oliva, Irache.

• But the Region of Valdorba has also a great attraction because of its landscape and nature trails along the valley. The region is crossed by the River Zidacos and is full of forests, Mediterranean fields of cereals, olives, vines, almonds trees and green grazing.

• Thanks to the great variety of habitats in this region, here is one of the largest densities of birds of prey in Europe.

• Together with other fantastic nature trails in Orísoain, there is a path crossing ilex and oaks forests that ends in the Bolchaco Cave. You will see the footprints of wild pigs or foxes and hear the singing of some of the birds that nest in the valley Valdorba.

• Another choice is going trekking on the hills such as San Pelayo or Santa Cruz or visiting an old oak in Echagüe that is so big that can be surrounded by five people.

• A wind farm in Guerinda has a superb view of the valley. This wind farm is the largest in Europe and combines some of the most modern wind turbines with an old but recently rebuilt windmill for making wheat.

• We also suggest you to visit the wine or champagne cellars, taste our genuine cuisine or enjoy our festivals and processions.

• Mushrooms and fungi are all over the region of Valdorba. In spring the perretxikos (Calocybe gambosa) come out and invite you to go for a walk to follow their strong and floury aroma. Some mushrooms can be collected in grazing and some fungi and rebozuelos (Cantharellus cibarius ) in the forests. In the end of September, beech trees are full of illarrakas (Lepista nebularis), a very valued example of its species, and when coolness comes, it is time for the pine forests where the robellones (Lactarius deliciosus) appear everywhere.

At the edge of the paths, zones of passage, bushes, and grassy places you will find barbudas (Coprinus comatus), senderillas (Marasmius oreades), pie violetas (Lepista personata), plateras (Clitocybe geotropa) and setas de cardo (Pleurotus eryngii). Thanks to the remaining moisture into the wood, the mushrooms of the black poplars appear in every season of the year on some stumps near the banks of the river. As the mushroom season is drawing on, the production of mushrooms is moving to warmer zones. In November, and even in December, you can visit the kermes oak woods where you will easily find the gamuzas (Hydnum repandum), hongos de carrasca, higróforo escarlata (Hygrophorus russula) and some llenegas (Hygrophorus limacinus). Finally, from the beginning of December to March, if you like collecting truffle, the jewel for any mycologist, you can unearth some "black diamonds" or the truffle of Perigord ? it is a very valued kind of wintry fungi.


• Micology.
• Trekking.
• BTT.

Activities Summary:
Paintball Horse trails Hiking
Board games Table football Horse riding
Bird watching Hunting  

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