El Corral del Tío Emilio

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El Corral del Tío Emilio

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Published since 7 August 2004

  • El Corral del Tío Emilio
  • El Corral del Tío Emilio
  • El Corral del Tío Emilio
  • El Corral del Tío Emilio
  • El Corral del Tío Emilio
  • El Corral del Tío Emilio
  • El Corral del Tío Emilio
  • El Corral del Tío Emilio

  El Corral del Tío Emilio is pet friendly (ask the owner).  

It can sleep up to 8 guests, and has 4 bedrooms, lounge with fireplace, kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

Equipped with library, heating, games, dining-room, washing machine, microwave oven, living room with TV, and TV in the bedrooms too.

Description Summary:
Pet friendly Heating Fireplace
Room TV TV Built-up area
Deep in the countryside Near snowshoe  

Environment & Activities El Corral del Tío Emilio


The mountainous area in Cuenca is a masiff belonging to the Iberian System, which occupies the extreme NE of the province of Cuenca. It is characterized by a steep karstic terrain, torn by deep cracks or gorges carved over thousands of years by tenacious rivers and groundwater flows. These have eroded limestone strata to shape amazing landscapes of rock and pine that never cease to amaze all and sundry.

Molinos de Papel - where Corral del Tío Emilio holiday cottage is -, is a small village in the town of Palomera located on the lower mountain and by the Huecar River, just 4 miles from the capital. Spot located at the mouth of that river, surrounded by pine forest and holm oaks, a wide variety of mushrooms and fungi, as well as areas populated by game hunting animals, some of which we can enjoy their mating season (rutting deer.

Places of interest

It is noteworthy that just a few miles from this mountainous area in Cuenca are some of the most interesting sites and natural landscapes of the province:
- The enchanted city
- The gorges of Huecar and Júcar Rivers
- The natural monument of Torcas de Palancares
- Tierra Muerta.


- Quad routes: Four wheel mountain bike routes along easy tracks or roads
- Horseback riding: Horseback riding through pine forests and groves
- Canyoning: Descend into the canyon Júcar without ropes or harnesses
- Canoeing: Have fun and descend into the Júcar River shallow rapids.
- Flight in Ultralight: Enjoy powered hang gliding tour safely and without vertigo.
- Hunting: Just 15 minutes from the accommodation, we have a small game reserve where you can hunt every day, with wild game and seasonal abundance of thrush. Populated by savines.
- Fishing: In the same town, free trout fishing river, crystal clear waters and lush vegetation along its bank river. Also possibility of intensive preserve 9 miles away.
- Hiking: Apart from countless paths that run along the banks of Huecar, where you can have a walk and perceive the smell and sound of nature, the municipality has a 16km forest trail - medium difficulty, levels ranging from 1075m - 1322m and an estimated time of 5 hours and 20 minutes.

Activities Summary:
Bike riding Multisports Paintball
Quads Horse trails Hiking
Board games Water sports Horse riding
4x4 Routes   

(*) Distances in straight line